Welcome to “Wonder” a publication of the Department of Youth, Young Adult, and Campus Ministries of the Orthodox Church in America. “Wonder” is published monthly on a particular theme and presents four or five articles from a variety of perspectives.  This blog is particularly geared for young adults and college students, and those who minister to them. It is our hope that this blog  will help provide a “good defense” for our faith, hope and love. These articles are published to spur discussion, both online and off, and provide material for those engaged in campus and young adult ministry. For the latest updates, subscribe for free in the box at the right of this page. We are also starting to offer certain past articles in downloadable .pdf format with accompanying discussion questions. As always, all questions and concerns can be directed to wonder@oca.org.

Current Issue: Sharing Your Blessing: Reflections on Vocation

Past Issues:

Our Lenten Journey

“Why am I Still Here? – Reflections by Adults Who Remained in the Church”

For our Armed Forces

Church – Not Just a Sunday Thing

Reflections on Church History

The Gospel and The Apostle Paul 

Who Are We? The Vocation of the OCA

Who is My Neighbor? 

“Behold, Dying We Live!”

“Make Disciples of All Nations”

The Gospel and the City

“Why am I Still Here?” Reflections by Adults Who Remained in the Church

“Lead Me on a Level Path”

Giving Thanks Always and for Everything

“Help My Unbelief”

“And You Visited Me”

“Time for the Lord to Act:” Reflections on Liturgy

Faithful Scientists 


Modern Martyrdom

The Day of Resurrection

Prayer, Fasting, and Alsmgiving

This American Saint

“Why am I Still Here?” Reflections by Adults who Remained in the Church

Our Consumer Culture

Romance and Dating

Christians in the Workplace

Icon, Image, and Modern Culture

The Mission of Orthodox Youth in North America

Stories from Church Camp

Experiences of Campus Ministry

Faith and the Creative Process

Christianity and Partisan Politics

The Oriental Churches

Life in the Fast Lane; Preparing for Great Lent

Water and the Spirit

Our Incarnate God

Discipleship and Asceticism

Orthodoxy, Ecology, and Environment

Can We Coexist?

Faith and Doubt

Capital Punishment

Engaging Modern Atheism

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